The Delirium Ensemble is an integral part of the Delirium Edition: organization for tomorrow’s art structure. The ensemble consists of members from different cultural backgrounds. The ensemble was founded between 2014 and 2016 by Wiktor Kociuban , director, conductor and cellist, together with the pianist and composer Demetre Gamsachurdia .

The Delirium Ensemble is based on principles of group work and, together with its conductor, presents a unified body. It appears in variable formations of duos (2.0), smaller groups (4.0-10.0) as well as in large ensembles. Each member is actively involved in the process of project implementation and is therefore jointly responsible for its organization and production.

Every project of the Delirium Ensemble is a search for new forms of performance. We believe that audience engagement is paramount in promoting art. We want to create modern, multimedia and interactive unique experiences that are based on live emotions.

The Delirium Edition offers a new approach to meet the needs of today’s society. Each recipient is asked to help shape events (and thus art) interactively: Add your own elements and decide on the further course of the performance. Every concert is therefore always unique – and our emotions will be different every time!

If you deal with these methods and get involved in art, both performers and recipients can experience what is known as “delirium”. A state in which both parties begin to become a process themselves. The Delirium Method is special in the modern concert and art world because it requires a lot more specific preparation, effort and time. The resulting experience can deeply affect both the audience and the performers.

The Delirium Ensemble has worked with composers such as Georg Friedrich Haas , Chaya Czernowin , Caspar Johannes Walter , Lukas Langlotz , Rudolf Kelterborn , William Dougherty , Marcilio Onofre , Zaneta Rydzewska , Piotr Peszat , Yair Klartag , Adrian Nagel , Iván González , Anda Kryeziu , Eleni Ralli , the Gen.rate composer group, Elnaz Seyedi and Demetre Gamsachurdiatogether. Other guests who have worked on important projects so far are the actor Bartłomiej Kwiatkowski , the dancer Iwona Olszowska and the sculptor and performer Irakli Chkhartishvili.

Other guest collaborators include actors Bartłomiej Kwiatkowski, dancer Iwona Olszowska and sculptor and performer Irakli Chrklatashvili.

The Delirium Ensemble has performed in countries such as Switzerland, Poland, Georgia, Brazil and Germany. The cooperation partners include the Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Warsaw, PL), the European Music Center Krzysztof Penderecki (Luslawice, PL), the Nowy Teatr w Warszawie (Warsaw, PL), the Warsaw Autumn Festival (PL), the Music Academy of the city of Basel (CH), the Studio 31 (Basel, CH), the Neue Theater am Bahnhof (Dornach, CH), the Akademie der Künste Berlin (DE) or the Związek Kompozytorów Polskich (PL).

In 2018 the Delirium Ensemble had premieres for the following projects: “ The Hourglass Bleeds Still ” with compositions by Fausto Romitelli , Chaza Czernowin and Yair Klartag , “ Vikarë ” – music theater by Demetre Gamsachurdia , “ Embody ” in collaboration with Caspar Johannes Walter & Gen.rate – as well as “ Luft ” – the collaboration with Studio 31 and the Basel School of Music with compositions by Adrian Nagel , Iván González , Anda Kryeziu , Eleni Ralli and Elnaz Seyediand Caspar Johannes Walter . All pieces were commissioned by the Delirium Edition and were dedicated to the ensemble.

Particularly noteworthy is the performance of Morton Feldman’s composition ” Patterns in a Chromatic Field ” in a special conceptual framework with projected visualizations during the Lublin KODY Festival 2017 in Poland.

The CD “ Oracle’s Blast ” (2015) with five new compositions for violoncello and piano (Duo Kociuban / Gamsachurdia – Delirium Ensemble 2.0) was created in coproduction with the DUX label and the Swiss radio SRF2 Kultur . According to critics, this recording is “of global concern”.