Delirium-ArtLab promotes and popularise new and contemporary art, focusing on curatorial practices that extend beyond frames of popularly understood visual sphere. We create possibilities for new solutions within art to emerge – including digital media and interactive art – as well as experimental forms of presentation.

We are developing an international collection of contemporary art alongside a network connecting artists representing diverse fields and practices, and a broad variety of experimental attitudes toward creation that transcending borders.

We organise solo and group exhibitions, with projects focussing on contemporary themes and issues that relate to the wider works of Delirium-Edition.

Delirium-ArtLab also connects art and education. Our „laboratory“ allows us to engage our network and audiences in a creative and experimental space.

Delirium-ArtLab is a platform which enables artistic and social experiments based on equal participation of artists and the public. Through art, we concentrate on human energy. We foster not only stimulation of creative awareness but to shape a more open society, based on futuristic thinking, susceptible to changes in its environment and able to appreciate diversity of its surroundings.