DELIRIUM@NET ist the partnership program of Delirium-Edition: organisation for tomorrow’s art.

Purpose and scope of the activities

The goals of the network are:

1. creation of an international partner network;
2. promotion of contemporary art, with a focus on contemporary music;
3. dissemination of knowledge about contemporary art and its authors;
4. promotion of art as tool for integration of societies and nations of Europe and the world;
5. impact on the perception and perception of contemporary culture through inter-institutional activities;
6. activities promoting young musical talents;
7. cultural and music education;
8. opening up to new and non-standard forms of art practice;
9. creation of good practices among sponsors and patrons.

The implementation of the objectives will take place through the implementation of the following tasks:

1. support for the managerial staff;
2. enabling contacts with artists and composers;
3. organisation of workshops, conferences and meetings for managers and people managing cultural institutions;
4. intercultural and intergenerational exchange;
5. organisation of joint artistic and compositional residences;
6. ordering works of art from contemporary artists;
7. exchange of information on the latest trends in art;
8. exchange of information on the latest technologies related to the cultural market;
9. conducting research on the perception of contemporary art;
10. cooperation with representatives of art and culture of countries and communities in Europe;
11. gathering artists, critics, art lovers, representatives of science and cultural activists, sponsors and patrons around the idea of art;
12. work on cataloging and archiving and facilitating access to artistic achievements of composers artists;
13. educational, propagating, informative and publishing activities in the field of artistic, literary, musical, and theatrical works as well as other fields of art;
14. cooperation with public institutions, media and non-governmental organisations operating in the field covered by the Delirium-Edition goals, as well as domestic and foreign cooperation with museums, galleries, schools and art and non-artistic universities, and natural persons showing interest in the objectives of the Network.