organisation for tomorrow’s art

Delirium Edition is an international platform that has been connecting artists from various disciplines since the beginning of 2016, with the common goal of presenting current art to a wider, younger audience in an accessible and attractive way.

Today we live in a multidimensional, multimedia world. We are surrounded by music, film and pictures practically anywhere, anytime. Today’s recipients have the ability to perceive several sensory levels at the same time. You need an art that addresses multiple levels, with a comprehensive, all-encompassing, personal and direct message. Now more than ever, art has the task of communicating this message. The main thing is to focus on an experience model. This is the reason why a live concert can never be replaced by a recording! We can only experience the range of the different sensory levels and the variety and combination of experiences associated with them in a live performance, on the spot. Any (digital) reproduction of this real-time experience is only a shadow of it. In addition, there are no two identical performances – each is unique, even if the same pieces are played.

The idea behind the Delirium Edition: organization for tomorrow’s art is that each of our projects is a search for a new concept of performance. It is a framework that appeals to the listener or viewer on several sensory levels and does not just leave them in the position of the recipient. You have the opportunity to “control” the musical and scenic levels to a certain extent. As a result, there will never be two identical performances, just as our emotions can never be repeated!