Without air there is no sound, but without air there is also no breath, so no life.

With tones, a phrase in the figurative sense can express the breath, i.e. the living, tones can be given a special color through air – but air and breath can also be directly part of music.



On September 17th and 18th, two different performances by the Delirium Ensemble will take place at the Französische Kirche Bern . On 17.09. the compositions created within the project context of ” Luft ” and on 18.09, the compositions of ” Distillery #1 ” are performed. Both projects explore contemporary music and, like all Delirium-Edition projects, play with new types of multimedia performance with the aim to create a unique experience.


Tickets are available on site and here.

Französische Kirche Bern, 17.09.20 at 6.30 pm

Caspar Johannes Walter – Black Rotation I (2018)
Anda Kryeziu – Fumes (2018)
Żaneta Rydzewska – No-body (2018)
Caspar Johannes Walter – Black Rotation II (2018)

All compositions are dedicated to the Delirium Ensemble and Wiktor Kociuban.


Delirium Ensemble 13.0
Wiktor Kociuban – Conductor & Artistic Director