Distillery #1


When grapes turn
to wine, they long for our ability to change.
When stars wheel
 around the North Pole,
 they are longing for our growing consciousness.
(Old Sufi Proverb)

For each activity that is carried out, there are different levels.
Substances can be refined in numerous steps.
Skills can be improved level by level.
Ideas manifest in forms of different scales.
Facts can be infinitely improved or worsened.
Some spiral staircases spiral up or down.

Following this course, the Delirium Ensemble has selected nine composers from the class of Caspar Johannes Walter, whose works are being prepared in several rehearsal phases. The process of distilling is an essential one: not only are the compositions realized as such, but the search for a constant improvement, sublimation, refinement of all forms.

This multifaceted workshop of sound, rhythm, structure and consciousness enables collaborative creations that have the potential to profoundly affect the experience of all who come in contact with it.

So it is at the same time a laboratory as well as a concert project and thus a model for an artistically fruitful platform.

Conventional instruments contrast with the Clavemusicum Omnitonum from the Basel Studio31 +, a harpsichord with 31 notes per octave, in a just tuning. In addition, the first prototype replica of the original instrument by Harry Partch will be integrated into the ensemble.


Caspar Johannes Walter | Four Hidings | 2019, UA

Polina Korobkova | Squeal of a Sparrow | 2019, UA

Anna Sowa | Setz Dich bitte hin | 2019, UA

Samuel Cook | It’s raining, but I don’t believe it’s raining | 2019, UA

Pablo Catalao | The Rain over Just and Unjust | 2019, UA

Parnaz Soltani | Untitled no.2 | 2019, UA

Jonas Marti | Lorem Ipsum | 2019, UA

Chanhee Lim | segment and eternity | 2019, UA

All pieces are dedicated to Delirium Ensemble und Wiktor Kociuban.