Ulrich Krieger’s «Bergmal», inspired by the echo of our historiography, is a work of contemporary musical theatre. This staged-instrumental work is written for 15 musicians. And besides playing their amplified instruments, the players make us of—for a chamber music setting—unusual objects, such as sandpaper, metal objects and acoustic feedback. They further interact scenically throughout the piece by vocalising key text elements and movements. «Bergmal» is a feature-length piece of approximately 90’ minutes, and, in addition to its musical feature, includes video projections and a light score produced by the composer himself.

The primary function of the amplification is not volume, but a new sound definition and thereby is an integral part of the composition and the instrumental sounds itself—as it is characteristic for many of Krieger’s works. Instrumental microsounds, otherwise too quiet to be heard, become audible. The piece listens deeply into the complex sound-layers of the instruments and then redefines these instrumental sounds. The microphone is actively controlled by each musician with a foot pedal and becomes an integral part of the instrumental performance, expanding and redefining the instrument’s signature.

In adherence to the piece’s stylist influences such as chamber music, reductionism, noise, glitch electronica or extreme metal, the ensemble’s acoustic, electric and electronic instruments merge and emerge again as a new unity. Acoustic sounds create seemingly electronic soundscapes.

Ulrich Krieger himself is taking over the staging of his piece; an enormous honor for the Delirium Ensemble which will ensure the closest possible adaption of the piece’s interpretation.