Artifacts of sound – special moments made by trivial frequencies.

Organised in endless loops.                         

Orgiastic climaxes – or petty doomsdays?“


About the composition:

The value of an object is created by human consciousness.
The measure of a catastrophe is created by human consciousness .
An artifact can range from trash to holy relic.
Doomsday can be anything between a collision of planets and a mosquito bite.

„Artifact Armageddon“ creates the possibility for listeners to zoom into several sound „artifacts“ over a variable time period. These sound objects may prove worthless, rather special or maybe incredible in their uniqueness.

Repeatedly, the music will build up towards some sort of climax.

Like the threatening disaster that one knew was coming? The inevitable cataclysm that all the clever armageddon prophets saw coming?  Like the unconscious, growing fear of collapse, being as real as the fantasy world existing in the head of a sci-fi nerd? Like the feeling of justice and triumph, seeing the neighbouring hooligan on probation become the most presentable nine-to fiver? Like the increasing knowledge about one’s own sense of righteousness and moral uniqueness, having successfully imposed one’s own worldview on the guy that thought differently, and therefore carried out a deed of social duty and superior intelligence?

Or is it, in the end, nothing more than a few trivial frequencies, mashed up by the mixer of the brain?


Demetre Gamsachurdia: Sound Design & Composition

performed by Delirium Ensemble 4.0