Delirium Distillery #2:

When grapes turn to wine, they are long for our ability to change. When stars wheel around the North Pole, they are longing for our growing consciousness. (Old Sufi Proverb)

There are different levels for each activity that is performed. Substances can be refined in numerous steps. Skills can be improved level by level. Ideas manifest themselves in forms of different scales. Actualities can improve or deteriorate without limit. Some staircases lead up or down in a spiral.



The 2nd edition of the concert series Delirium Distillery focuses on the guitar. With the technological support of Johannes Wernicke and musical backup by Pablo Marquez’ guitar class, the Delirium Ensemble explores the reinvention of this diverse instrument.


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Musik Akademie Basel, grosser Saal at 7:30 pm


Raphaël Belfiore – Means with the sound from their own ends (2020, UA)

Lina Posėčnaitė – I am not here (2020,UA)

Gitbi Kwon – die Hütte (2020,UA)

Oliver Rutz – Dedicated to Wiktor (2020,UA)

Johannes Kreidler – ›Music-19‹ (2020, UA)

Johannes Walter – chord images (2020,UA)


All compositions are dedicated to the Delirium Ensemble and Wiktor Kociuban.




Gitarrenklasse Pablo Marquez
Delirium Ensemble 
Wiktor Kociuban Conductor & Artistic Director