_Darkness on the stage. Hands that play. A single mouth that speaks
_Incessantly. Manically. But no words come. Hands playing.
_Red, blue sounds. Throbbing rhythms in space. Green connection. Big synchronization.
_The mouth speaks. But no words come. The system is overloaded

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Using different media as “context” lays the foundation for our understanding of music. This understanding is universal and also crosses cultural boundaries. Careful and purposeful use of diverse media can trigger a profound emotional impact and also “guide” recipients through a potentially complex work of art.

This raises the following questions:

Does the above context exist just for the sake of music, or is it a quality in and of itself?
Are people of today more attracted to the context than to the music itself? To what extent can this context influence our perception?
Can context exist apart from content (like music)?





07.02.2021, 7 pm

Demetre Gamsachurdia – Demiurgos 2.0 (2016, UA der neuen Fassung)

Oliver Rutz – Für Perkussion, Klarinette und eine Wohnung (2020, UA)

Piotr Peszat – An Accomplished Young Lady (2019, UA der neuen Fassung)


Balz Trümpy – 7 Inventionen (2014, UA der neuen Fassung)


We will stream the performance live! Click here to get to the event.



Delirium Ensemble 4.0
Wiktor Kociuban Conductor & Artistic Director